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Our Accounting and Taxation Services are provided by IPA Certified Accounting Professionals & Tax Practitioners Board Registered TAX Accountants.

We provide cost-effective Accounting Services includes ABN Registration, Goods and Services (GST) RegistrationCompany Formation, Bookkeeping Services, Business Activity Statement (BAS) LodgmentIndividual Income Tax Lodgment (Sole Trader Tax & Investment Rental Property), Tax Lodgment Services (Company TaxPartnership Tax, Trust Tax) and Internal Audit.

Accounting and Taxation Services



Accounting and Taxation Services

Professional Skill Development Service - Accounting & Taxation Training

MODULE 1 (Financial Accounting Based):  Training and Coaching on day-to-day Bookkeeping Practices.
MODULE 2 (Tax Accounting Based):  Conceptual Clarity of TAX LAWS, how to process TAX data in TAX ACCOUNTING software & Lodgement.
Professional Skill Development Service accounting business care
Personal Tutorial Service accounting business care

Academic Coaching Services

For University, and vocational industry students
Personal Tutorial Services: Subjects relating to Accounting, Finance, Tax, Audit, Management (MBA Units), Sustainability, Carbon Accounting, Marketing, and any Business & Commerce units.
We also provide advise to Honours, Masters by Research and PhD Scholars on Proposal & Thesis writing skills.

Key Accounting & Taxation Terminologies

Tax File Number (TFN): TFN is a unique identity number (9-digits) required to work as an employee and to lodgement income tax in Australia.

Australian Business Number (ABN): The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11-digit identifier that makes it easier for businesses and all levels of government to interact.
Goods and Service Tax (GST): GST is a broad-based 10% Consumption Tax and applied on most of Goods and Services sold in Australia, except few stated items.

Income Tax: Australian financial year starts from 1st July till 30th June. All Australian Resident for Tax purpose need to lodge tax. To understand Australian Income Tax slabs for individuals, Visit:

Business Activities Statement (BAS): Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a government form that all businesses must lodge to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). BAS is used to pay following taxes (monthly, or quarterly or yearly) : Goods and services tax (GST), Pay as you go (PAYG) income tax instalment, Pay as you go (PAYG) tax withheld, Fringe benefits tax (FBT) instalment, Luxury car tax (LCT), Wine equalisation tax (WET) and Fuel tax credits.

Pay As you Go (PAYG): Pay As You Go or PAYG is a single system where an employer withholds income tax from an employee’s salary or wage, a businesses that don’t quote their ABN.
Propriety Limited or Pty Ltd: According to Australian Corporation Act 2001, a Pty Ltd is a legal entity. In Australia a Pty Ltd can be formed by One Shareholder to maximum of 50 Shareholders
Investment (Rental) Property: Common Rental arrangement in Australia are : a) rent part of the property (rent out a room); b) rent the property for part of the year; have a domestic arrangement with family members (meaning, you receive payment for board and lodging); b) rent the property to your family or friends; c) rent your property consistent with normal commercial practices (arms-length arrangements).
Accessible Income: Any income one earns is assessable income (until or unless it falls under the exempted or non-assessable income) and need to file a tax return annually. Common assessable income for which one needs to lodge a Tax Return annually are: salary and wages; tips, gratuities and other payments for your services; some allowances, such as for clothing and laundry; interest from bank accounts; dividends and other income from investments; bonuses and overtime an employee receives; commission a salesperson receives; pensions; rent.
Taxable Income: A Taxable Income is assessable income minus all allowable deductions and final tax amount is calculated based on Taxable Income.


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